About Grace.

Grace Sandford is a children's illustrator and designer from Norwich, England. 
She graduated with a degree in Illustration from The University of Lincoln 2013 and has been working as a freelance illustrator and designer in publishing since. 
Her distinctive style comes from a lifelong passion for children's books, which inspired her to draw every day since she was very small. When she isn't drawing, Grace loves going ghost hunting and hugging cats (and isn't very good at either!). 

Selected Clients

SkyHorse Publishing, Panini Books, Stew Magazine, Green Android Ltd, Susaeta and NPP Books. 


“Sandford’s illustrations, done from the cookies’ perspectives, help to leaven the story’s earnestness. They portray the gingerbread cookies with lots of personality and individuality.”
— Kirkus Reviews for Tough Cookie

Two Colour Risograph Print

Two Colour Risograph Print